Values & Beliefs

At Kaiapoi North School we strive for personal excellence and value:

Respect (Ngākau Māhaki) looks like:

  • Showing respect for myself and others
  • Showing respect for the environment
  • Showing respect for different points of view
  • Show good manners
  • Show arohanui - kindness

Reflect (Kohuki) looks like:

  • Knowing how we learn
  • Knowing how we are successful
  • Seeking and responding to feedback and feedforward
  • Learning from mistakes
  • Having restorative chats

Connect (Te Piringa) looks like:

  • Being actively involved
  • Connecting with others - self, others, school, community, other cultures and globally
  • Creative positive relationships
  • Connecting with our cultural narrative
  • Connecting with our learning

Create (Auaha) looks like:

  • Taking risks
  • Making mistakes
  • Adapting
  • Making meaning
  • Thinking
  • Questioning 

Being Brave (Tū Māia) looks like:

  • Taking risks
  • Trying new things
  • Embracing challenge
  • Standing up for ourselves and others
  • Being resilient
  • Mucking up, owning up, fixing up and moving on
  • Asking questions
  • Participating